Simple hairstyles for long hair - a bagel for hair, spiral hairpins and others

  1. How do i do my hair with a bagel for hair
  2. How to use spiral studs
  3. Features of the accessory
  4. Advantages and disadvantages
  5. Instructions for use
  6. Variants of hairstyles using spiral

4. Choose the rigidity of the invisible being to your taste. Of course, the harder it is to reveal the invisibility, the stronger it will hold the strand. But it is trite for me to work with them. Therefore, I prefer for myself the invisible being of medium or even slightly lower than the rigidity, and I will ensure a secure attachment by securing the hairstyle not with four, but with six invisibility. Too “soft” invisible beings, in addition to weak fixation, will be constantly twisted, so I would not advise them to buy.

So, how to mount the invisible? Everything is simple: it is necessary to uncover the invisible being and capture with it the bulk of the hair and the strand you want to fix.
So, how to mount the invisible For a long time I fixed the strands incorrectly, so the hairstyle was kept not for very long. I immediately grabbed the strand that needs to be fixed, released the “legs” of the invisible and inserted it into the hair. According to the results, it turned out that I just put on an invisibility on the strand, and there was no reliable fixation of the speech.
Therefore, the invisible being open must be held to the end in order to precisely secure the necessary strand.

What else can be errors?
Too thick or thin strand. A very thin strand is just to slip through the "eye" of the invisible, and a thick strand will stretch it. But I don’t throw such “broken” invisibles, but use them as studs.
What else can be errors
And probably now will be a very important point, which plays almost the main role in the persistence of your hair. For mounting stealth should be a frame . If you fasten a strand of one invisible to loose hair, then this hairstyle is likely to quickly fall apart, because the hair will be thrown back and forth, and the invisible with them will eventually slide off. How to avoid this, and what “frameworks” for fastening can be?

1. If it is necessary to attach a strand to the flowing hair, then it is better to fix it with invisible fingers crosswise.
1 2. It is also possible to “flash” the hair with invisible hairs under the lockable strand, and attach the strand to it.
3. As I said above, the problem of loose hair is that they are thrown back and forth. Therefore, it is logical that if the hair is collected, for example, in the tail, then the bulk of the hair will be “in one place”, therefore, the fastening of stealth to them will be safer.

4. And the last "frame" - is a roller for hair. In fact, this salvation for hair. After all, with him it will be not only more voluminous, but also very stable. Look, I stuck the usual studs in the roller, and even when I hold it upside down and shake, the studs do not fall out.

Therefore, if the length and / or thickness of the hair allows, then I recommend for every collected hairstyles to get a hair roller.

And finally, I would like to share one trick, which allows you to fix the strand so that the invisible is not visible . Of course, you can raise the top layer of hair and fix the desired strand under them.
And finally, I would like to share one trick, which allows you to fix the strand so that the invisible is not visible And you can open the invisible pick up the desired strand, turn the invisible with the strand 180 degrees around its axis and fix it to the hair.

It turns out something like a curl, which does not look as flat as a simple lock strand. But in the hairstyles for myself, I use this method only for the hair of the face. Still, this way to fasten all the strands in collected hairstyle not very convenient.

It seems to be about invisibility I told everything I wanted. But what about the studs?” You ask. In fact, with studs, I manage worse than with invisible. For me, it still remains a mystery how girls, using only hairpins, can fix loose hair in a bun. Personally, I use the hairpins only in two cases: when I attach the strand to the hair roller and when I previously with the help of invisible women made a “frame” on the hair, for which I cling to the invisible woman.

I have it all. I would be glad to hear your tricks in fastening studs and stealth in the comments.
Thank you for your attention, and persistent hairstyles!

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Today I will show you what hairstyles I usually do and what accessories for long hair I got accustomed. I must say that I am not a big fan of various shiny pins and very complex weaves, I love sloppy bunch and some beautiful not too elaborate braids. But since I do not know how to weave braids myself, my option is much simpler and faster.

For my hairstyles, I use these accessories — a bagel for hair (my recent purchase), spiral studs, and veteran crabs I bought almost wholesale in the USA.

So first. It is sold in hairdressing shops, on ebay, and I bought mine at H & M. A bagel resembles a sponge for washing dishes. Soft but resilient, matched to hair color. I took brown, there is still light and black.

The bundle turns out to be very voluminous, as if your hair is 3 times larger than it actually is.

How do i do my hair with a bagel for hair

I collect hair in a high tail somewhere on the back of my head, fastened with a thin elastic band. Then put a bagel on the tail, threading the hair through the hole. And I distribute hair evenly from all sides. It turns out such a palm tree, the ends of which I gently twist around the base of the tail and tucked under the gum or fixed invisible.

The second bunch of hair with spiral pins . Spiral studs are a great thing, bought on ebay for a couple of dollars for a dozen studs. If you order there - they are called spin pin. Also happen different colors my - black.
The second bunch of hair with spiral pins

How to use spiral studs

Hairpins should be twisted, as it were, into the hair, previously collected in a bun. On two heels I keep the whole hairstyle. They are short, do not touch the scalp and the head does not hurt.

I begin to spin the hair with the tips, then the beam does not work too slick.

I begin to spin the hair with the tips, then the beam does not work too slick

I twist into a bun:
I twist into a bun:

Then we twist the spiral hairpin into the hair. And the second also. If you have a lot of hair, then you may need a third one, but it seems to me that this is the absolute maximum.

I run my fingers through my hair and give a bit of volume to my hairstyle with different sides heads. Here is the result:

Small hair crabs help me out not for the first year, they are not too noticeable and hold the hair perfectly due to the fact that they have some rubber layers inside and they do not slip. I found them in the States at the Target store and bought them more than once, as they always get lost in my bags.

My lovely fast hairstyle like this:
My lovely   fast hairstyle   like this:

Flagella of hair is easier and faster to make than braids, and the result is also pretty. I separate one strand from above above the temple, divide it into two. And I begin to twist, at the same time picking up the remaining hair and connecting them one after another with one strand.
I repeat on the other side of the head and fasten with a hairpin.

These are the most frequent hairstyles that I wear. I decided not to cut my hair yet, so I will be glad to see your options, what simple hairstyles you can think of.

Elastic springs (elastic bands, Invisibobble) - fashion trend in the field of hair accessories. This adornment has an original appearance, it is convenient to use it to create a hairstyle. Every day you can make your own image, because the elastic bands can be of various colors and designs.

Features of the accessory

Features of the accessory

Externally, gum like a telephone wire. They are small in size, they can be easily stretched, and with the same ease they return to their original shape. The diameter and thickness of such devices are different.

The material for the production of the product is a special blend based on silicone. Due to this composition, the gum can easily slide along the strands. The spiral shape helps it to securely fasten on the hair. The accessory surface is smooth, without rough edges and irregularities.

Often such an elastic band is purchased as a bracelet on the wrist. Material "spring" allows you to easily clean it from dirt.

Modern accessory eliminates any damage to the hair, which is very important for their health.

Advantages and disadvantages

Silicone rubber spirals have many advantages over other hair accessories:

  • Security for curls - the gum does not tear and does not break them when removed. It is elastic and soft, so it does not exert strong pressure on the hair. Some other devices (for example, rubber bands with metal clips) can injure the curls, or tear them away when removed.
  • "Spirals" can be used to different type hair (wavy, thin, thick, long). That is, this gum can be considered universal.
  • High-quality "spiral" is durable, it retains its original shape for a long time.
  • The fixture has a lot color solutions that allows you to change the image every time, to make it creative. More original hairstyle will make a simultaneous combination of different shades.
  • You can buy a gum in the tone of the strands, if you want it to not stand out against their background. You can also buy a transparent "spiral" to mask it on the head.
  • The accessory perfectly fixes the hairstyle, making it durable. The rubber band will not allow the tail to slide to the back of the head, like some other hair mounts.
  • With the help of elastic bands in the form of a spiral, you can do voluminous hairstyle and the hair will appear thicker.
  • Invisibobble is convenient to use, which allows you to quickly and easily create the desired hairstyle.
  • After removing the accessory on the hair does not remain creases and bends.
  • The cost of the device is small, and every girl or woman can afford it.
  • Quality products do not cause allergies.

The drawbacks of this device are very few:

  • Inadequate gum keeps its shape very little. After a couple of uses, it can stretch out and not return to its original form.
  • Careless handling and sudden movement can cause the accessory to tear.

Instructions for use

Instructions for use

How to use silicone rubber bands for hair? The device is very simple to use. First you need to take the gum on the hand and put it on folded fingers. For small thickness use the index and thumb . In the other hand you need to fix the strand, which put on the gum. Grab her hand with a "spiral", spreading his fingers. With the other hand, place the elastic on the hair. If necessary, you can make a second turn.

Remove the "spiral" is also easy. If the gum is large, you just need to gently pull it off so as not to harm the strands.

In the majority of cases, elastic bands of small thickness are cut with scissors and discarded. If you want to use the device many times, you can try to gently pull it. If the rubber band is worn at several turns, the one that was last when tightening is removed first, then the others.

Variants of hairstyles using spiral

  • You can make a large tail for long hair in any area of ​​the head. For this, a large-diameter elastic spring fits well. Just need to fix it at the right level.
  • Invisibobble can be used to create a bunch of curls.
  • The elastic spring is suitable for multi-level styling, which are made for a wedding and other festive events.
  • Thin "spirals" are taken as the basis for fixing the tail, and they put on more voluminous accessories on top (separately they will not be able to hold the hair).
  • Rubber braids can fix braid or African braids.

Rubber braids can fix braid or African braids

Finding this gadget in stores is easy. But you need to be careful not to purchase low-quality goods. There are original "springs" invisibobble. The country of origin is China. Packaging with products is transparent.

Large diameter gum pack 3 pieces. The average price for packing original gum is 250-300 rubles.

One thin gum will cost the buyer an average of 7 rubles per piece. Typically, these "springs" pack up 50 or 100 pieces per pack.

When buying you need to pay attention:

  • The thickness of the accessory. Choose it better, based on the structure of the hair. The thicker they are, the thicker the gum should be.
  • Colour. If the image needs to add creativity and originality, it is better to choose the "spiral" bright colors . If you want to hide the gum on the hair, it is better to take a transparent one.
  • Price. If the spiral gum is very cheap, it should be alerted. Perhaps it is low-quality, not original products.

Summing up, I would like to once again note that the elastic-springs occupy a worthy place among the original hair accessories. Thanks to its ease of use, great variety, safety for the strands, you can do various options hairstyles There is no reason to worry that the image will always be the same. Original gum will help to decorate not only the hair, but also to cheer up the owner.

In the following video, you can see a variant of the hairstyle using a spring elastic

What else can be errors?
How to avoid this, and what “frameworks” for fastening can be?
?But what about the studs?