Styling for the night on wet hair. Pigtails for the night or a way to create beautiful curls

  1. Spikelets to create volumetric and beautiful curls
  2. Conventional three-spit braids for perfect curls
  3. Curler styling
  4. Laying without the help of special tools
  5. Simple styling for medium length hair
  6. Are you one of those millions of women who are struggling with being overweight?

Often, women's desires go against natural data. Girls with cute curls want to get straight hair, and long-haired beauties want to have. But modern curling agents destroy the hair structure. But today, you can find a huge number of various ways to create curls, without using special tools and appliances.

The most common way are pigtails for the night. In this way, all the girls can use, because there is nothing easier than to braid ordinary pigtails, and in the morning to get perky curls on the head.

Spikelets to create volumetric and beautiful curls

In order to get a volume in the morning wavy hairstyle You can braid the French braid for the night.

In the middle it is necessary to make an even parting, for this purpose a flat comb with sparse teeth is used. From the front strands, in the amount of two pieces, and will create a spikelet. The high position of the braid says about the strong volume of the hair in the morning.

The high position of the braid says about the strong volume of the hair in the morning

On the crown on the right side, it is necessary to separate three identical strands that spread one over the other. Tighten the braid to be tighter.

The procedure of perekidki continues, but the side strands are gradually added. When the braid is braided to the level of the ears, the flattened hair will be collected and only three main strands will remain, the standard braid is woven to the end.

On the left side you need to do the same steps. A great option for young fashionistas who attend school.

Conventional three-spit braids for perfect curls

In order to make curls using plaited braids for the night, you can use the standard weaving option. For creating small curls , you will need more braids, about 10 to 20 thin braids.

It is necessary to do the following:

  • My head, soaked with a towel and combed. You should not dry your hair with a hair dryer, because they must be wet. Curls are obtained only when “wet” pigtails are braided, drying out overnight in a natural way;
  • Fill a small bowl with water and add varnish there by sprinkling;
  • Separate the necessary strands and comb. With water from the bowl we moisten the curl and we braid it in ordinary pigtail . If there is a bang, then it is better to leave it intact;
  • Thus we do with all the hair. At the tips, for fixing, used thin elastics. It will take about an hour to weave all the braids. From the thickness of the hair depends on the number of braids;
  • All resulting braids must be fixed with varnish;
  • After complete drying, that is, in the morning, dismiss the pigtails. To secure, sprinkle them with another layer of varnish;
  • Curls should not be combed, because the comb will make them fluffy, and the hairstyle will look like a dandelion. Such curls are able to stay on the head for about three days.

With the help of a comb it is necessary to make parting a cross - on - a cross.

The result will be four strands. Weaving can be started from any of the four sides, the other three are separated by a barrette to avoid interference.

Weaving can be started from any of the four sides, the other three are separated by a barrette to avoid interference

The selected strand is divided in half and twisted into a bundle, for example, in a clockwise direction.

Two strands are twisted together and fixed in the bun. We also do the rest of the parts.

As a result, in the morning, it will turn out like after big-diameter curlers. Hairstyle looks romantic and feminine.

Hairstyle looks romantic and feminine

What to do if there is no curling and ironing, and I want to get beautiful curls? The answer is simple - pigtails for the night. This method of waving is not inferior in the result to any device, and the hair remains safe and sound.

Hair styling for the night is the easiest way not to waste your morning minutes to create hair styling and hair styling. But in order to make your hair fit and at the same time to sleep peacefully all night long, there are lots of ways from difficult to the easiest. Interesting that simple styling for the night it will help to create a really interesting and original image and will attract attention and raise questions, for example, how you can manage to make such perfection (“Classic hair styling”).

To make the styling really cause only such emotions, you should not use too many styling products or even the best way to do without them. The convenience of creating styling before bedtime is that you do not need to keep track of time and in the morning you can immediately admire the results of night transformations.

But if you want to create a truly complex and extraordinary image, you can use special hair curlers that are used for the night, or you can use styling tools based on silicone components that will give you an extraordinary amount. It is important to remember that any styling (especially that done before bedtime) should be done only on well-washed and dried hair (there is one digression to this effect when creating styling without special tools).

Curler styling

Curler styling

Probably the easiest way to get beautiful and elastic curls in the morning is to twist them well on curlers and leave them for the night. Most often, such styling is done in a special beauty salon, but you can try to reproduce this procedure at home, especially since there is nothing difficult in it. For styling hair at night, the most used different curlers (except thermal rollers), you can use plastic, soft, velvet, curlers spirals or boomerangs ("Methods of hair styling on curlers").

The whole point of this nightly styling is that due to the long-term effect, the hair really gets the necessary volume even without using foam or mousse for elasticity and smoothness of the tips. Before the procedure, the hair should be washed and used any means after cleansing the scalp. Then the hair is combed and you can immediately begin to twist the hair, it is best to start from the back of the head and gradually move to the temples.

Thus, it is possible to capture all the hair and slightly ease the process of hair styling at night. After all the hair is twisted, you can go to bed, after having chosen for yourself a comfortable position.

The next morning you need to carefully remove the curlers and whip the hair with your hands, the curls should turn out elastic and smooth, you can optionally use hair spray.

Laying without the help of special tools

Laying without the help of special tools

In addition to curlers, there are some common ways of styling hair at night. To do this, do not need to use any special tools, just enough to wash and dry the hair in any usual way. For example, to obtain an excellent morning volume, you can simply make a high beam or collect hair in a high tail.

Thanks to this method, the hair will have an excellent volume, to save the styling it will be enough to comb the hair with the foam and beat it at the roots with your fingers and fashionable styling is ready. You can also use simple styling for the night for girls who have a haircut "cascade".

For creating beautiful curls different length you need to twist the strands so that you get neat flagella, which, in turn, need to be fixed with comfortable hairpins or invisible. After that, you can go to bed, and in the morning just quickly comb the curls and beat them with your fingers at the top. For girls with short haircuts, to avoid lost time in the morning, you can use the usual hair net, which will not allow the hair to fluff and keep your hair.

Simple styling for medium length hair

Simple styling for medium length hair

With this styling, you can create beautiful hairstyle nor do you use any special means for styling. First you need to prepare comfortable stealth or small hair ties. Hair styling at night occurs in several stages, first you need to wash and moisturize the hair, then the hair, when wet, is divided into strands and combed well.

After such manipulations, you need to braid elastic and braids all over your head. The quantity and thickness can be adjusted depending on the desired result. For example, for large waves, you can make only two braids, and for small waves, you can make braids as thick as a finger. After all the braids are braided, you can fasten them with invisible heads on the top of your head and go to bed.

In the morning, you need to gently braid the braids and comb your hair, if you need an excellent wave-like effect, you can only slightly braid the braids with your fingers and fix the hairstyle with varnish (“How to care for wavy hair”). For light waves, you need to comb your hair well and use a lacquer of medium or completely weightless fixation.

Are you one of those millions of women who are struggling with being overweight?

And all your attempts to lose weight did not succeed?

And have you already thought about radical measures? It is understandable, because a slim figure is an indicator of health and a reason for pride. In addition, it is at least human longevity. And the fact that a person losing “extra pounds” looks younger is an axiom that does not require proof.

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Do you prefer to wash your hair before bedtime, so that early in the morning, before you wake up completely, do not rush around the apartment with a towel on your head?

it a good idea , which arose not only for reasons of convenience: having washed your hair for the night, you will allow them to dry out, and, therefore, preserve their health and beauty. But frustration - in the morning, when you look at your reflection in the mirror, you are afraid of the disorder that has nestled on your head. What to do? Today we bring to your attention 7 simple hairstyles at night, preserving hair styling; hairstyles that will not allow the pillow to ruin the neat look of your hair. Any girl wants to walk with beautifully laid hair every day. But the law of meanness does not allow this - a fresh hairstyle for the night is “destroyed” by a pillow. In the morning to spend a minimum of time on hair styling and always go out, as on the catwalk, we offer 7 hairstyles that you need to do before bedtime.

1. In the morning to get a hairstyle with a slight negligence called bed head, gently mix your hair, without touching the roots. Assemble the bundle with a soft cloth gum.

2. For soft waves, blow-dry your hair, directing a stream of air down to the tips. Apply a little mousse to add volume to the roots and a cream styling lotion for the entire length of hair, except for the root zone. Take one strand one at a time, wind it into loosely strapped harnesses in the direction from the face and fasten with hairpins.

3. To get the effect of "just out of the cabin", use soft curlers. Not completely dry your hair, wind up the curls. In such curlers it is comfortable to sleep. To make sleeping more comfortable, sleep on a soft feather pillow. Soft curlers - the most gentle hair tool. If you have time, do not blow dry your hair. After waiting a little while the hair will start to dry, wind the curlers. After removing them, you get a great result.

4. For owners short haircuts there is a way too. Waking up in the morning, they will forget about the phrase "I fell from the dump truck, braked my head." To keep your hair from sticking to the sides, replace the cotton pillowcase with a satin or silk one. The smooth surface will relieve friction. For volume, pin the hair in front with a small hairpin.

5. To tame curly hair , apply on dry or almost dry hair mousse to straighten curls. Then comb the comb with fine teeth. Result fasten with hairpins behind the ears. To avoid wrinkles, place small pieces of paper under the pins.

6. Get light Wavy hair can be using braid. Braid a convenient number for you at night.

7. Two years ago it was fashionable to make bunches with the help of special “bagels”. Now they are in the past, but do not throw them in the trash. They can be used for hairstyles for the night. By removing it in the morning, you will get neat, fresh curls.

What to do if there is no curling and ironing, and I want to get beautiful curls?
Are you one of those millions of women who are struggling with being overweight?
And all your attempts to lose weight did not succeed?
And have you already thought about radical measures?
What to do?